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Al Paradiso by Madrazassassin Al Paradiso :iconmadrazassassin:Madrazassassin 1 1 Pizza of Italy by Madrazassassin Pizza of Italy :iconmadrazassassin:Madrazassassin 6 1
The Key
The silver key was still in the drawer. It had remained there ever since Joe moved in to take care of his parents’ house while they were away on vacation. When he was younger, they warned him not to open the drawer that contained the key, lest “something terrible will happen”. Joe himself didn’t believe in what the warnings foretold, but he still left the drawer untouched. Every day, he’d always wonder what made the key so special, or why his parents strictly forbade him to contact it. As he sat at the table drinking coffee, he pondered for a moment.
“There’s something awfully peculiar about that dresser.” Joe thought aloud. He even felt the air of uncertainty every time he ran upstairs. It sent chills down his spine and discomforted him greatly. “One of these days, I’ll ascend up there and truly see whatever is kept in that darn cupboard.”
But something still held him back from carrying out the deed. Was there really a
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Underpages 4: Home
  “That’s Dr. Gaster, young lady.” The looming figure politely responded to Alphys.
  “But how’d you___?!” Alphys exclaimed.
  “Let’s save that for later, yes?” Gaster answered her.
  “Who…are you?” Chara said, whipping around.
  “Ah yes, Chara: ‘The Demon that Comes when People call its Name’, ‘The first Fallen Child’, you had a family, before you fell down Mt. Ebott, correct? Do you even remember who they were? Asriel was your best friend, right?”
  “STOP TALKING!!!!” Chara bellowed. “Who are you and what do you WANT?!”
“My, my, such temper.” Gaster stated, not even fazed. “Holding a grudge for so long will do that to an individual.”
  “OUT OF MY WAY!!” Chara shrieked. “I will kill every human on this planet! I will take r
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You'll go far, Frisk. (Contest #6 Entry)
Within a small cottage that hangs on the outskirts of a lively neighborhood, a man and a woman converse.
 “Well…it looks like they’re onto us.” The man stated.
  “But of course, dear, they don’t like enemy sympathisers.” The woman answered
  “It won’t be long before they got this place surrounded.” The man said
  “They’ll probably torch us alive in here. I know that’s what they’ll do…” the woman responded.
The couple jolted as loud thuds rained down on the door.
  “My goodness! They’re here already! And that was Mayor Jeremy shouting, no-less!” the woman gasped.
  “My love, its time.” the man exclaimed, shifting out of his seat.
They embraced and kissed, before brea
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My Undertale Buttons by Madrazassassin My Undertale Buttons :iconmadrazassassin:Madrazassassin 38 8
Underpages 3: Stay Determined...!
  “*Huff* *Huff* the bleeding…it won’t stop!” Alphys cried, desperately trying to bandage Frisk’s wound. “I’ve applied every kind of salve, every kind of patch, but it’s just not working…!”
  “It’s alright.” Undyne soothed, patting her spouse on the shoulder encouragingly. “You’re the only one who can do save her, so don’t give up! Stay determined!”
  She took a quick look at Frisk, who’s normally closed eyes made it difficult to determine if she was drifting in or out of unconsciousness.
  “So, a bad time, huh…?” Chara smirked, her knife gleaming in the afternoon light. “You’d really sacrifice your own life for that miserable HUMAN?”
  “You mean a miserable human that not only freed us monsters from the underground, but also allowed me and my brother to witness the sun once again?” Sans
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Underpages 2: yOu WiLL REgReT tHiS
Around 5:00 pm, within the Dreemurr house:
The butterscotch pie was unbelievably sweet. Every bite was unlike the other.
 “So, how was your first car ride?” Toriel asked as everyone sat at the table. “Frisk? Did Papyrus do a good job driving?”
 Frisk nodded with a grin.
 “Sure, everything went well until she got stolen by Temmies.” Undyne commentated, looking up from the slice she and Alphys shared.
 “Temmies stole her?” Asgore asked, raising his brow. “That’s unusual. Even for them, such an act is quite aggressive.”
 “Yeah, but we did rescue the human in the end, so it’s all good!” Papyrus chimed in.
 “You’re such a funny bone, ya know that? *badumtiss*” Sans responded with a grin.
 “Oh really?!” the younger brother shot back. “Well…you’re a big BONE HEAD *double badumtiss*!”
 “I may be a bone hea
:iconmadrazassassin:Madrazassassin 6 2
Underpages 1: Temmies Stole my Human!
 “Alright, Sans. How far are we from the next gas station?”
 “Oh, around two more kilos or so, bro.”
 “Ah, we can make it.”
 “Welp, Papyrus, I hope you’re right cuz we’re running dangerously low on astronaut bars here…”
 “Wait, what? You ate all those bars?! I didn’t even get any!”
 “Oh, calm down. Here, reach out your hand without taking your eyes off the road and take one…”
(A raspberry-like noise is heard.)
 “Ha! Got him!”
Sans snickered as Papyrus snorted and continued driving his red car down the road. In the back seats were Undyne and Alpine, with Frisk sitting in the middle, sleeping. At Toriel’s suggestion, the five of them decided to take Papyrus’s new car out for a spin.
 “I don’t mean to sound cynical.” Alphys said. “But what’s the whole point of this car r
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Majikaru Sukuwaddo (The Magical Squad) Ch-6
(Squad Goals Arc)
Some time ago, on The Magical Squad…
Daichi and his squad, with a new addition in the form of a wheelchair-bound ten year old girl known as Natasha Magomedov, travel to the Magical Market: a shopping district in Otaru for magical boys and girls. All sorts of strange and weird merchandise are sold here: mermaid necklaces, Oni masks, magic-enhancing jewelry, and even little companions called Chibis! But unknown to our heroes, Hakuto Mirai, one of the two Grand Ones in Japan and leader of the Shonens, a squad of bloodthirsty masculists, has anticipated their arrival and stationed his Shredders for a surprise attack! Completely surrounded by the notorious assassins, Daichi and his friends prepare to sacrifice their lives dearly…
The seven youths formed a circle, each of them facing outward. They changed into their magical forms (save for Mulan, who assumed a kung fu stance), and their combined power shone brightly and pierced through the d
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The Ice Cream Van
It was a lovely spring morning. The sun shone brighter than ever. The leaves rustled softly on their branches and birds chirped their ephemeral songs of beauty. The wind brushed past an entire field filled with blades of grass, and the air resonated with the wondrous sounds of nature.
The small park in the middle of a neighborhood was teeming with these noises. There was the occasional passing car that broke the spell of nature, but it only lasted for a second before everything started anew. But on this day, another sound entered the atmosphere, like a soft, rhythmic beat from the cosmos.
Pitter, patter. Pitter, patter.
The noise of nature lowered until barely audible upon hearing this new sound. It was out-of-place, almost alien, and the atmosphere knew it.

Pitter, patter. Pitter, patter.

Down the road, across from the field, a small figure approached. As it got closer, the form of a young girl became apparent. She was dressed in a white flowing dress that reached down
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The Chase
It was an early morning, and he awoke to the sound of a commotion in his kitchen. The exact name of our hero is not important, so we’ll just call him the “Protagonist” for now. The Protagonist got up out of his bed and ran downstairs to see what all the noise was about. Unknown to him, through some bizarre and absurd accident of the cosmos, his cat had turned into a person and was devouring the entirety of the pantry.
“A Neko…?” he asked the cat-person.
She merely looked up from the box of cereal which her hand was in, her dark-furred ears pricking up. It was an absurd scene, seeing your cat become a teenage girl in a white gown (it was unknown how the gown was acquired in the first place). The only distinguishing features that made her feline were the cat ears and the fluffy tail. As the Protagonist stared at the girl before him, he could immediately sense that it was his cat sitting on the table, as she’d always give of this presence of famil
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Majikaru Sukuwaddo (The Magical Squad) Ch-5
(Squad Goals Arc)
A commotion in the distance interrupted their rather pleasant conversation. It was a mixture of sounds: monstrous snarls and obscenities spoken in rough English, the clanging of blades and the booming of some kind of cannon.
“That’s probably her!” Timothy exclaimed, pointing in the direction of the noise. “Natasha’s already started! Follow me!”
He then ran ahead of them with alarming speed, his feet becoming little more than a blur. Sydney followed, catching up with him shortly.
“C’mon, Dai!” Mio urged, tugging his jacket. “Let’s go!”
“What?” Daichi responded. “But I don’t know how to run fast like…like…that!”
“Simple! Just point your arms backward, arch your back forward and start running!”
Mio proceeded to do just that, and soon she was after the other two.
Daichi thought of this. He stretched his arms backward like wings. He must’ve ap
:iconmadrazassassin:Madrazassassin 2 0
Absurd Happenings
In a far, distant land
Not even a while ago
There walked a stick figurine
How could it be so?
Then lo! Came another!
‘Twas the mighty marine
Tall and bulky
Said he to the stick figurine:
“Why do you walk here?
Alone and without anyone?
I have the solution for you:
Cheese twists: they’re mighty fun!”
But the stick figurine
Merely did say
To the mighty marine
As he turned away:
“Bah! Cheese twists!
What an unbearable laugh!
You think that’ll bring me comfort?
 Begone, you abysmal giraffe!"
Said the mighty marine
To the stick figurine:
“How dare you resist
The glorious cheese twists!
You live me no choice
But to attack you with my voice!”
And so the mighty marine hurled forth
A wave of obscenities and swears
But the stick figurine was unfazed
He just didn’t care
“You want to take this outside?” He asked the mighty marine
“I oblige!” The marine said to the stick figurine.
So the stick figurine opened a door
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Majikaru Sukuwaddo (The Magical Squad) Ch-4
(Squad Goals Arc)
“Hey, son!” His father called to him. “Get up! You’ll be late for school!”
Daichi rubbed his head, images of last night’s dream flickering in his mind. He sat up and looked across his room to where his desk lay. Lining the desk were small action figures of his childhood: Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and finally Godzilla. Although the various Anime memorabilia were of great importance to him, the Kaiju figures held a special place in his heart. He gave off a sigh when the wave of nostalgia faded away and then got out of bed.
 He dressed, ate breakfast, got his school stuff prepared and left for high school. Along the way while walking down the street, Mio and Sydney accompanied him.
“Have you guys heard?” Sydney asked the two. “We’re getting a new transfer student from China today!”
“Ooh, sounds exciting!” Mio replied.
Daichi merely gave off a sigh. “I had weird dreams last night.”
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The Butchering Lands
The Butchering Lands
 or The Misadventures of Myself Playing a Mediocre Game.
(The Slaughtering Grounds Review)
There was me, that is Dr. M and nobody else in particular. It was just me; no one to share the pain or anyone else to exchange my deepest feelings with. Not only was I very much alone, but I was also surrounded by tons of reanimated corpses, or zombies.
Now, dear reader, you are probably wondering: what am I doing in a place like this? Was it something I did? Was it because I had ignored the never-ending argument between my friends over half-understand concepts of politics? Yep, it was probably the latter reason.
Here, is how I got into this mess:
My boredom had reached dangerously low levels and I had to do something about it.  There was this game called The Slaughtering Grounds, which was a hideously generic first-person shooter where you GOTTA SHOOT DA ZOMBIEZ, CUZ WHEN YA SEE DA ZOMBIEZ YA GOTTA KILL THEM, END OF STORY. I thought to myself: why must I shoot the
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Ah, yes. Back from the dead, i suppose. Life has gotten in the way, so my written works are coming in slow. (Don’t worry, because I have every intention of writing more.)

Well, it’s come to pass: the final stage play this school year. You must understand, this is a very emotional time for me. It’ll be the last time I play the part of the light controller, shining a beam of illuminating radiance upon the actors. The location of my workplace is also pretty sweet: sitting just behind and towering over the audience, I can fully view the stage in its entirety. I can see every angle, every prop, where the actors make their entrances and exits and so much more. This year’s stage production was The 25th Annual Putnam Country Spelling Bee. It was a musical, so there were very few moments when the audience got bored. Sure, we performed the play To Sir, With Love, but that didn’t interest the audience as much as Putnam County did. Just like Little Shop of Horrors, one of my most treasured and beloved plays, Putnam County kept the audience entertained, rolling in their seats with laughter. While my role as lights-guy was relatively minor (the cast members strongly disagreed with that notion once I said it), I owe it all to the actors: their electric, captivating performances never fail to amaze me. The way they deliver their lines with such gusto and charisma truly is a rewarding experience. All from the perfect seat amidst the crowd. Not to mention the newest upgrade to the room where the lighting board was held. The original wall that separated the lighting room from the space where all the props were held was removed so I and the other technical parties could breath and not get overheated. Previously, it tended to get extremely stuffy in there, but now breathing wasn’t as much of an issue.

Eventually, as all good things dramas end, the actors, as well as the cast members, had to take their bows. Since a good portion of the actors and cast members were graduating this year, we all formed up into a giant group before the audience and we thanked our drama teacher for putting the whole thing together. A good portion of the group were crying, but not myself. My heart was already letting out huge sobs. While the cast said their thanks, I furiously and mentally jotted up what I was going to say. Hell, I wouldn’t be caught stuttering in front of my parents and friends! Inevitably, it was light-guy’s turn to perform. He had already memorized his lines (most of them anyway) and he took to the stage:

“Well, it’s been awhile.” I began. “I’ve come along way. When I first started off, i was deathly afraid, but now, not so much.”
 I turn around, surveying and observing my squad. I reach into my pocket, pull out my phone and say: “I was gonna write this down...but I don’t need to write this down!”

Yeah, stage fright always hits me pretty hard. Afterward, a pizza party ensued. Several basketball players wanted some, but we told them off. I took home at least six chocolate bars, so that was nice. Also, it was *ucking snowing! In March! In CANADA! (K’, that last part was predictable, because what ELSE do you expect when you live in the Great White North...?)

Well, that being said, I’m excited about life’s changes. And yes, I will try and and submit as much writing as possible.

Stay tuned.


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