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Somewhere in America, several days after the presidential elections…
My father and I were working on renovations for our house, and let’s just say that the conditions our previous tenants left it in weren’t satisfactory. The secondary bathroom was a complete mess; the toilet was absolutely ruined, and whatever type of concrete solution was poured down it, stuck solid. Elastic hair bands were scattered throughout the cupboards to the sink. Of course, to add to the mix, the family had two dogs, which explained why the rug was ruined and most of the bug screens to the windows were torn to shreds. But the true cream of the crop came from underneath the sink: there were two drains, a normal one on the left, and an insinkerator on the right. The pipes on the left drain were not slanted and as a result, the contents from the insinkerator slid up
that pipe, instead of going down the main sewage pipe. Long story short, we had to take the whole set of pipes out and clean all the crud out, and there was a LOT of crud in there.

However, if through the previous condition of our house, we experienced the scuzziness of humanity, we also experienced the best of it, and it wasn’t just the both of us, either who encountered it. One prime example of this stems from the guy who came over to replace the rug (I’ll leave him unnamed, because anonymous reasons). He worked quickly and efficiently. It was absolutely amazing to watch. The way he tore up the rug, how fluidly he utilised the tools of his trade with the skill of a pro, all of it was pure joy to witness. I mean, he finished tearing up the old rug, and put the new one in, within two days! Eventually, my dad had to leave in order to get a few things from Home Depot, and it was just me and the rug guy in the house. After he was done laying down a few pieces of rug, he rested while I did the dishes. Since we had no hot water, because for some fudging reason the tenants shut down the furnace, we had to boil our water, which we used mostly for coffee, cleaning and washing dishes (and if you thought THAT was bad, try showering with COLD WATER.)

Anyways, first world problems aside, a feeling of generosity washed over me, and I proposed to rug guy if a sandwich would appeal to him. Sandwiches were our go-to for lunches and snacks, so I decided we could spare one for rug guy. He said yes, so I put mayonnaise on the bread, used prosciutto and whatever kind of sliced meat we had, put some cheddar, mozza, and gouda cheese on it, and gave it to him. He happily thanked me for it and ate all of it.

Later that day as rug guy and my dad were talking, the former turned to me with a smile, and said:

“The only reason I had enough energy to finish the rugs today…was because this guy made me a sandwich.”


Merry Christmas, everyone. I hope you have a great holiday, filled with fun, friends, family and lots n’ LOTS of eggnog.



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Hello, deviantartists! Just so's ya know, I am not an artist. I am a writer. I love to write poems and rhymes. I even had one of my poems printed in a book! Also, a very unexpected fact: for all the writing I do, I do it mostly on computer. My hand writing is crap. Even now I can't draw a straight line. But I am going to improve on it sometime. Keep it up, guys!


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